Find Your Old Friend

Horses are amazing, but expensive. And because they can live to be 30 years old, a lot of horses move on to new homes at some point. With no way to reconnect, people often lose touch. That's why we launched a Facebook group to help people search for a horse from their past. We used geotargeted ads, published in the horse's last known region, to help the search.

April & Dixie

To launch our online community and remind people that a horse from their past might still be out there, we created a short film about a girl and her Clydesdale horse. We see how April & Dixie grow up together, but slowly drift apart as time goes by.

Richard & Dusty

Our online community has helped over fifty people reconnect with their long lost friend. One of those reconnections was between Richard and his old friend Dusty, who he hadn’t seen for over fifteen years.


“A right old tearjerker tugging at the heartstrings.”

Shoot Online
“A reminder that an equine friend from one’s past may still be out there.”

Horse Nation
“Harnessing the power of social media to help horse lovers connect with horses from their past.”


Found friends
More than 50 reconnections so far.

Over 7.5 million views
With only 2 million horse owners in the US.

Editor's pick
‘Find Your Old Friend’ was ‘Editor’s pick’ on Creativity Online.


Brandon Willingham

Creative Director
Steve Sage

The Martin Agency

Terry Rayment

Production Company

Sharon Irving